Wednesday, 27 May 2015


‘Indicia’ literally means ‘a distinct idea’. True to it’s meaning, Indicia Research and Advisory aims to provide strategic research services to its clients and stakeholders that are interested in Indian Defence, S&T and Industrial (DSTI) base.
Indicia consistently triesto understand, construct and deconstruct finer nuances and dynamics of Indian defence and strategic affairs, especially in the DSTI domains. This refined wisdom is derived through a fusion research approach, which is a concoction of processed information accumulated through public and non-public sources. It blends academic, public policy research, techno-industrial knowledge, strategic advisory services for accumulation and dissemination of knowledge.
Thus, Indicia fills a vacuum in contemporary knowledge domains of national defence and strategic affairs in general and DSTI base in particular.
And, this is what makes Indicia a truly ‘distinct idea’, whose time has indeed come.

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